Christmas Nails

My Christmas themed nails; I used the Red Fast Dry Technic nail polish and base coat/top coat also from Technic. For the snow and snowman I used a nail art pen by Barry M which were on offer for £3. I bought them in white, black and silver. I love these nail art pens, they are so easy to use and the only problem I had with them was having a steady hand!

It does take some practice, and my left hand always ends up 10x better than my right hand but they look pretty and lots of people complemented me on my handy work. I then used a top coat and tried not to spoil them by picking at them. They lasted for about 6 days as it had started to chip away and peel off. Overall, they are great to use and worth the price I paid!

10872332_10202241464316785_949321339_n 10887813_10202241464476789_1493284807_n 10913530_10202241464356786_1571273159_n10917613_10202241464276784_641372764_n


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