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I’m not usually one to wear a lot of make-up and when I do, I usually focus on just my eyes, and nails. I’ve always had a fascination with red lips, like the most bold post box red there is. I also suit red but i’m not bold enough to go all out so I usually just spice an outfit up with matching accessories with my nails.

After a long search through many lipsticks, I came across this one by Beauty UK (8 Naughty) 😉 surprisingly I bought it for about £2.99 after a friend recommending them. Though previously I had been buying ones that were more expensive about £5-£8 because I thought they might be better, and boy was I wrong. I have very pale skin so when I wear this I have to use blusher to make my cheeks a little pink or it makes me look like a ghost. They usually say to focus on the eyes or lips, not both, but I personally do, although red is bold and I usually go all out with winged eye liner I don’t think this look is too much..

961695_10202543790034739_898509276_nSnapshot_20150215_16 (2)Snapshot_20150216_19



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