Benefit Push-Up Liner

This cost me around £18 from Asos, but this was with student discount. It is more than I usually pay for a piece of make-up but as I use it most days and I had read good reviews I thought I would give it a go. However, I found that it is easy to apply like other eye liners, it is smooth and the tip is designed to create a smooth line and flick. With practice you will get better. I just find it extremely hard to remove even when I make the smallest of mistakes, it is so hard to take off, and I use pads and make up remover. You would probably need to buy their own brand of make up remover which is a downside considering the amount you have paid already.

I wouldn’t personally buy it again but if you are willing to spend more on other products from Benefit then it is probably for you. 

 11051616_10202582470721732_395869577_n 11039911_10202582473281796_1773754246_n


2 thoughts on “Benefit Push-Up Liner

    1. yeah it is very different, and in my eyes there are so much better products out there. Its so expensive and not much better, just harder to remove. Its at the bottom of my drawer somewhere, I don’t use it at all now.

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