Cat Eye-Liner

This is Claire’s Cat Eye-Liner, I bought this for £3.00. This is so easy to apply and it just takes practice to get them even. It is very cheap and lasts all day, and is also easy to remove unlike Benefit’s push up liner. They are both very similar, the way you apply them and the pointy tip. I love this and will be using it a lot more than I do already.

This is basically a cheaper version of the Benefit push-up eye liner. But, for me this one is better.

I just apply a thin line going from the inner corner of my eye outwards. I then build it up and add my flick, and repeat on the other eye making sure they are even. I have some cotton buds nearby to make the line smoother. I apply my mascara afterwards.

11063364_10202582470521727_759855102_n 11039372_10202582470121717_1631116910_n


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