Nail Polish Remover

We both know I’m crazy over nails, and the worst thing is not being able to remove it all properly and quickly.. I have tried different brands, from asda, tescos and even the more expensive ones. Also, the little pots where you dip your finger in, the pads and liquid bottles and correcter pens etc.

Personally, this is my favourite, from Poundland at £1. The sponge inside does break eventually, but it works like a charm and even when you have used different colours previously, it still works like its brand new. I paint my nails quite often, at least once a week, sometimes up to three if I pick it off, get bored of that colour or need to redo them. I have had this since October and its now march and its still working well but the sponge is a mess, so I will need to buy one by April.

Overall, it lasts long! Longer than I expected, especially for a pound. Works well with all polishes and even glitter etc. It removes the polish quickly with no fuss at all. It’s great!

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