Prom Dresses

I have had a few people ask me recently about what prom dress I had and where I bought it, etc. Truth is, I had three proms (whaaat? you’re thinking, yeah I had three!) , two of which I paid for.. 

I had three very different styled dress, and ranging from £30 to about £170. 

I will be making three separate posts for each of them so look out for them! 

My advice is to find something in your budget, if your budget it small try and borrow or use things you already have such as heels, a clutch, or do your own hair/make-up. 

Find a style of dress that suits your body shape, and that YOU LOVE… 

Don’t worry about what your friends and whoever else is wearing. 

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, decide your transport and who you are going with so no-one is upset. 

Look at what’s in and how things could change in the near future and what you like.

Try as many different dresses on as you can for colour, style etc. 

If you buy online, make sure you check their reviews, postage and packaging, and how long it will take to arrive with spare time in case you need to send it back for a different size

If you have to have it tailor made online, by putting in your measurements, this means you need to be a similar size to be able to fit into it comfortably

Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit you properly, you would be surprised at how many people still buy the dress because they love it so much. It will NOT look good and you will not be comfortable in it, and it will show!

Add some accessories if your dress is plain or with little detail, don’t go overboard if you have a very out there dress. 

If you are going with a strapless dress such as a sweet heart neck line, hair can be up or down, if you have straps, think about an up-do. 

Make up can be bold or natural, it’s completely up to you. 

Have fun, enjoy the experience and take tonnes of photos!

Some good websites in the UK are boohoo, missguided, new look or just search for prom dresses, (google is an amazing thing! where would we be without it?!) 


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