Nail Stamping

This is something that I used to really struggle with, but with the right tools, advice and tonnes of practice it becomes so much easier.


– base coat, nail polish, scraper, stamper, nail art plate, nail polish remover, cotton pads

Make sure;

-you have all of your supplies within arms reach, as you need to be quick with this

-don’t be too quick or too slow, this comes with practice

Step 1. Paint your nails as you would normally with a base coat and your chosen colour.


Step 2. Clean your nail art plate and stamper with the nail polish remover (do this after each nail)

Step 3. Paint your colour on your chosen pattern.


Step 4. Scrape it off with the scraper at an angle.


Step 5. ROLL on the stamper from left to right or vice versa.


Step 6. ROLL onto the nail like above.

Step 7. Wait until dry and then you can apply a top coat if you wish.


Repeat with the next nail.

I understand that this is difficult, you have to use the right things to do a good job, also try to practice with some acrylic paint onto paper.

I recommend to buy supplies such as nail polish. But you can buy stamper kits on amazon for a great price like I did.


4 thoughts on “Nail Stamping

  1. I’ve been trying to use my stamper set and have had no luck. I then bought a new stamper and tried that…. again no luck. I’m not sure where I am going wrong but I’m going to keep trying till eventually it works! Thanks for the tutorial!


    1. You could always try use proper polish for nail stamping, its around £4 each which isnt too bad! I have trouble too so don’t worry, you just need the right equipment and practice. Let me know how you get on 🙂
      Becca x’

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