Technic Flamingo

I don’t even know how this happened or why I bought bright pink nail polish, because I never wear such bright bold colours, even on my nails. 

I used Technic base coat, and then two thin layers of Technic Flamingo from their Party Brights range and then a top coat. 

This is very bold and bright, but its just not me.



Its much more pink and neon like in person.


11 thoughts on “Technic Flamingo

  1. I love the color, but I can never seem to wear. I always feel that my nails are too loud wearing neon-ish pinks. ♥


        1. Ah thank you! I get it whenever I wear anything that isn’t red or black aha.
          I just feel like this colour is a little out there for me, and plus I don’t have any pink clothes to go with it, I will have to use it as a pop of colour on a plain outfit to go with some coral shoes or something.. I’ll get used to it over the next couple of days.
          its also nice to see im not the only one who feels this way when trying something different or new! 🙂

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