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I have bought so many Lush products, and none have been for myself. So, I went in and tested tonnes of stuff, even coming up with an allergic reaction to some perfume…

Anyway, I picked up this Shower Jelly, it can be used all over the body, as shampoo or just as hand soap. I love the texture of it and it feels so nice against the skin, it’s called Sweetie-Pie and smells of Cherries, Coconut, and is a party in a pot! 

For 100g it costs about £3.50, it lasts so long and you can break bits off and put it on a sponge and scrub away! Its so easy to use, in my opinion everyone needs one. It has such a lovely smell and feel, your skin feels so fresh, clean and moisturised after.

This is a lovely purple colour, they do have another one which is blue called Whoosh, this is more zingy, which you can view hereYou can buy Sweetie Pie here.

What are your favourite products from Lush or what would you like to try?


6 thoughts on “Lush

        1. yeah! aha, Ive heard you can put it in the freezer so it wont break as easily, I might try it.
          I get panicky if I drop it in the shower and it will go down the drain too! :’)

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