Some Reasons Why I Hate Shopping

As much as I love shopping sometimes I just don’t want the hassle,

1. Sizes- I appreciate everyone is different, but shoe shopping when you have a substantial difference in size then it sucks, im either a four or five and sometimes ‘a half more. UGH. I can never find a nice pair and when I do I either cry at the price-tag or they don’t have any of my size left.

2. I HATE trying clothes on, the awkward getting changed and looking in the weird mirrors, banging elbows on the sides, UGH, I’ll buy it and bring it back thank you.

3. Confidence- this has always been one of my biggest issues, I don’t have much confidence, even now. I’ve learnt to pick clothes out that suit my height and build, and accentuate my good bits and hide the bad. But, even then if im unsure of something or it doesn’t look as I wanted, its a HUGE knock on my confidence and I find myself slipping back into my comfort clothes.  sigh.

4. People- I can’t stand people, and hate crowded spaces too. So living in a busy city sucks for me, theres never a good time to go to town, and if the weathers nice, its bound to be filled with tourists and tonnes of rude people trying to rush some place.

5. I’m not your average shaped girl, I can’t ever find a nice pair of jeans, as much as I am blessed to have a big bum, its also a hindrance too! Im also very short, 5’1 yes, I know. This means I have to find jeans big enough to get over my backside but also be short enough so I don’t have to fold them up or them to look like they are flares. This is a nightmare.

6. I have an obsession with underwear, I own so much and wear the same four or five sets. Because again, having a larger bum means I need to make sure the pants fit nicely but that the bra isn’t too big. And I hate not wearing matching underwear. Also, everyone is different in this area, and its hard to judge size, if you are measured properly this is great but all stores differ, and being an awkward size means being in uncomfortable, ill-fitting underwear and this isn’t nice. Awkward sizes are available at some stores, but they are so pricey, and as a student, I don’t have the money to spend on one set of expensive underwear, and because im still growing too this is pointless.

7. I always see clothes I love and I would love to own and wear but they just don’t suit me, or it doesn’t look right. Its not that im not brave enough to wear it or anything but I just wish I was more like the model wearing it than well, me. And the media and the fashion industry are finally making changes to the way models weight must be above a certain point etc.

We focus way too much on what we should or want to look like when in fact we need to focus on how different we are and yet we all share being beautiful. We shouldn’t wander the streets and see someone and think oh my, I wish I was that skinny or I wish I had her figure. Because, we are all made different and we need to embrace it. We should be thinking wow, her clothes suit her figure, or she looks amazing.

Do you hate anything about shopping? Let me know



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