So being a student comes with lots of positives but it also has its fair share of bad things too! So when I am stressed here is what I do: 


The only thing missing from this picture is me curled up in a blanket. As you can see chocolate and Jasmine Green Tea is a good start for me, also a good movie or tv show!

Some other ways to de-stress;

Have a nice hot relaxing bath

If you don’t have the time to stress, just breathe deeply and count to ten

Make it clear to yourself what your aim is, say to finish a piece of work or three today and try your best,

Give yourself a break and realise we all react to stress differently, some better than others

Try to get help or support with your situation, for example an extension on a deadline, talk with a tutor to put your mind at ease or a one to one session to help or if it is job related talk to your boss and let them know you are having a rough time (they don’t need to know specific reasons)

Get friends or family to help, when im stressed out it really shows and my boyfriend helps so much, he gives me massages and we watch tv together and talk about other things, distract yourself! I find blogging helps too. 

When you have completed your stressful task such as meeting deadlines or even getting through the day, make sure you reward yourself, and realise you got through it!


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