Love Me Beauty

A while ago Love Me Beauty sent me a leaflet for my first box worth up to £35 for only £5. 

So I had a look at their website and how they worked. Basically, you have to pay a monthly subscription to receive credits monthly and then you can spend your credits online. I couldn’t find anything in particular that I liked, so I waited for a couple of weeks then looked again. 

There were three or four different types of subscriptions, but I only went for the One month subscription as I didn’t know what the products were like. This was £13 ish with p&p (including the £5 box). This isn’t too bad, but it was unexpected.

I came across some really nice products, and today my package arrived.

First impressions are great, well packaged and came in a nice box, inside was a drawstring bag with the products inside, and a welcome card. This is amazing for what I paid. I will do product reviews soon!11136971_10202839603229884_1682410289_n


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