Mistakes we need to stop making..

Not cleaning make-up brushes – If you use them daily they should be cleaned regularly, if they won’t clean properly you might have to buy some new ones!

Putting bronzer on the whole face – Just a quick brush on the cheeks and t- zone is suffice.

Matching foundation to your hand – Match it to your neck!

Sleeping in your make-up – I’m guilty of this and lets be honest, its just laziness

Applying lip liner just to the edges – You can apply it all over, smudging and blending takes practice.

Skipping a base coat on nails – If you skip this regularly you will get yellow looking, thin nails, its not worth it.

Not using primer with glitter eye shadow – It’s totally fine to use it underneath if not you can still use moisturiser.

Not letting your concealer set – This is because we are usually in a rush but it’s better for your skin and your make up will last longer.

Curling your lashes with mascara on – Curl them and adding heat from a hair dryer first to the curlers will also help and then apply mascara.

Adding nail polish remover to old polishes – Just don’t do it,

Keeping make-up way too long – Again I do this, I buy too much and forget about it and let it gather dust in a draw until I find it months later and attempt to use it.

Pumping the brush in an almost empty mascara tube – Although I like to get the most product out for what I am paying this is something that can totally ruin the brush and the last bit of the mascara is probably too dry or clumpy to apply.

Any other bad habits you have? Or do you avoid these at all costs?


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