My day to day routine

Right now I am trying to be healthier and happier, and to do this I have given myself several daily or weekly things that I need to meet;

Drinking two cups of Green Tea a day

Do something for myself everyday whether its a face mask or painting my nails

Make sure I take my make up every dayย 

Moisturise every night

Eat breakfast every day

Eat more fish and fruit

Go for a walk once a day

These are just some basic things that I want to do to improve who I am being more healthy and having a better routine with eating.ย 

Do you have any personal goals or things that you are trying to include in your daily/weekly routine?ย 



6 thoughts on “My day to day routine

    1. I think everyone should try and make sure they include this. It makes me feel better about myself and an old friend always told me to be selfish and do something for myself as I would usually be too busy helping other people.
      Good luck and have fun with it, reward yourself, its an empowering and good feeling:) let me know how you get on and what things you include in it!

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      1. I think so too. Self-care is so important. Only you know what you really need. I started today by letting myself eat the snacks I have been craving x) Thanks again


        1. Oooh thats a good one I try to limit my snacks/sweet treats as im trying to be healthier but i do have a fat day every now and again! A girl needs her chocolate!
          You are very welcome! Becca’x

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