Beauty Tips

1. Make your eye make up last longer by setting your eyeliner with a matching eye shadow- line your eyes with a pencil liner, and then lightly dust eye shadow in the same shade on top to hold the liner in place

2. Use a pencil liner as a guide for eye liner- If your hand isn’t steady enough for applying liquid eye liner, line or dot along your eye and then trace over it with liquid eyeliner

3. If getting a perfect line is too challenging, draw a rough line first and then sharpen it using a cotton bud with warm water or vaseline/petroleum jelly

4. For a natural look, tightline your liner by applying it in between your lashes in stead of across the lash line, the easiest way to do this is to fill in your top lashes from the underneath, this will make them look fuller

5. Creating an eye opening ombre effect by fading a lighter colour into a darker eye liner/eyeshadow- start at the inner corner of your eye and line the first three quarters of your lash line with a light eyeliner such as white. Then, grab a darker eyeliner and line the outside corner of your eye, then move toward the middle of your eye and stop halfway. Grab a sponge brush and begin blending the middle section where they overlap

6. Use a spoon to guide you when applying eye liner in the cat eye style- Use the handle of the spoon to draw the angled line up and out toward the eyebrow and the curve of the spoon to create the flick and fill it in

7. If your eyeliner is crumbly, freeze it for 10 minutes before lining your eyes. To prevent eyeliner crumbles from messing up the rest of your make up, freeze it to help it regain its shape

8. Fix smudges with a skin coloured eyeliner- if you’ve smudges your liner a bit too much, draw over it with a skin coloured eyeliner instead of wiping it off

9. Line your waterline with white liner to make your eyes appear bigger- lining the inner rims of your eyes with a dark eyeliner is great for a smokey eye look but can often appear to make your eyes look slimmer

10. Add glitter to instantly transform your day look for the night- If you don’t like to wear eye shadow but want to amp up your look for the night, trace over your liner with glitter


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