Beauty Tips

1. Get the perfect smokey eye by drawing a # on the outer corner of your eyelid and smudging it out with the sponge.

2. For a more precise angle of your winged eye liner, draw the flick toward your eye instead of away from it. Drawing in a backward direction will make it easier to determine where the end of the flick will be. Alternatively, you could mark a small dot to make sure it is even both sides then apply it outwards

3. Use brown instead of black for a more universally flattering look- An ashy brown liner works well on all eye colours and shapes and isn’t as harsh as black

4. Apply white eye shadow before a colour to make it pop more

5. Rub olive oil around nails before applying a nail art design, it makes removing mess easier

6. Use a piece of felt to remove glitter nail polish, it act like a gentle brillo pad

7. Add corn starch to your clear polish to give it a matte finish

8. If you have a sparkly eye shadow that you never wear because its too bold, crush it up and add it to clear nail polish to make your own!

9. When applying lipstick, to make your lips look bigger or more plump add a slightly lighter shade in the centre of your bottom and a little bit of the top lip

10. Re-use those old mascara brushes and add hairspray and keep those brows in place or add colour to your brows

11. Use a skin colour pencil under the entire brow and smudge it in, it will lift the brow

12. Match foundation to your neck, not cheek or the hand

13. Ex-foliate your lips with an older toothbrush for a more gentle approach, this will get rid of dead skin and make them smooth for application of lipstick

14. Dip a cotton bud into your nail polish remover and get rid of the excess polish around the nails

15. Use the plastic side of a brow brush to de-clump your eyelashes (preferably a spare one)


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