Born Pretty

Has anyone ever used this website and ordered from them? if so what are their products like and are they good quality?

Thank you!



6 thoughts on “Born Pretty

  1. I’ve purchased from them 2 times. The first time I thought the products were ok but the shipping took forever! It took over a month to get to me. I just put in another order b/c I wanted to really know the same thing. So far it’s been about a week since my last order.
    In my first order I thought the polishes I bought were nice. I also got a nail wheel which I like. I did also buy the fake fingers to use for practice but I have to admit they are really creepy!
    If you want to see what I got check out my post from today. Maybe it will give you a better idea of their products.


      1. I live in New England and it took over a month. I was so relieved when it finally came b/c I honestly thought I got ripped off! I’ve seen lots of bloggers buy from them and they don’t usually have anything bad to say but I am still a little iffy. If this order comes the same way I probably won’t be buying from them again.


        1. Hmm, according to the website its 10-16 days for me in the UK, so hopefully it wont be too long. Im not sure about ordering yet I might wait a little longer to see how your next delivery goes and see if I can find anyone else that has ordered from them!
          Thanks again, Becca’x

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        2. Your welcome! I know I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers that have either purchased from them or received samples and they all seemed pretty happy with their orders. I also know that there was one other blogger who also waited at least a month before she received her order. I only know b/c she posted a blog about it and we kept commenting about how both of us still hadn’t received our packages. I hope you get your shipment quickly! 🙂


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