Gift Boxes

My mums birthday is coming up soon and I love treating her because like most mums, they don’t treat themselves enough and my mum totally deserves it. I am the only daughter and I love being able to buy nice girly things for her with the thought behind it not just chocolate and flowers my brothers buy her! 

I came across these gorgeous gift boxes in Card Factory, the smaller one was £1.49 and the larger one £2.49 and there was an even bigger one for £3.49. They are just so pretty and can store things in, or be used as a gift box! 

They had them in green and pink, and had some matching tissue paper in pink only £0.99 for 7 sheets, they didn’t have green so I got purple instead. I am a very creative person and I love giving presents and I enjoy seeing them open it and ahhh it makes me feel so good! 

I have a lovely collection of gifts coming along for her, I can’t say incase she is stalking my blog, I mean, erm, Hi mum!

Anyway, they are adorable and I could spend ages in there collecting all of the pretty boxes, Im sure I would find a use for them, probably stationary because I hoard that too! 



4 thoughts on “Gift Boxes

    1. well my brothers are just awful at it and my mum barely treats herself! I just want to give her a lovely birthday:)
      your blog is great but not really content I like to read, Im sure other people love it though!x


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