Inside magazine’s Smoke Fat Eye Stick.

Such an appealing title.. haha

This came in a magazine and I have never tried anything like this before, It is by Eyeko, London and called ‘Fat Eye Stick, Smoke’. It states on the stick, ‘intense colour and glossy finish’

It is so easy to apply and certainly does have an intense colour and a glossy finish, it is great for an evening/night time wear. And can be used with eye shadows to build it up more with a smokey eye look. or just with some black cat eye eye liner with the this on the outer corner.

Im not sure how much these would cost (on ebay they are about £6, on birchbox they are £16, and £16 on eyeko’s website but that is for a trio- smoke, gilt and satin.) but they are great and I would probably prefer other colours but I do like a dark eye too! Not sure how often I will use it or whether it will end up at the back of my drawer collecting dust. We will see.

the first picture is a more dramatic look, covering most of the eyelid.11198892_10202876739998280_2065458545_n

The second look is the same just not as bold. 


The pictures don’t really show it well, mainly because of the bad lighting, but I did try to use an ombre effect with it building up more towards the outer corner and it looks so nice in person. There is so much you can do with this product!


4 thoughts on “Inside magazine’s Smoke Fat Eye Stick.

  1. I like that! I’ve heard of Eyeko but have not tried anything from that brand yet. that’s cool it came with the magazine too. nice. I like the effect you did for both looks.


    1. I had never heard of them before but I saw it and bought the magazine purely because this came with it and I had never tried something like this, the magazine wasnt that great to be honest 😛
      but hey! I love this so it was worth the £3 odd I paid.
      Yeah I kind of went a little ombre style with them to build it up and I think it looks pretty good!

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