Being Healthy

I’ve always found a hatred for eating fruit and vegetables, I find my self forcing myself to eat them and never really enjoying them, and I don’t really like smoothies so I couldn’t resort to getting my 5 a day through that. 

I like some fruits like bananas and grapes and seem to hate the rest, either because of the texture or the taste. I try and eat salad with most of my evening meals such as spinach, rocket, beetroot and watercress. But I find the same thing dull and boring. 

So, I decided to be creative, although I am spending a bit of money on fruits and salad I am becoming happier and healthier, my diet has improved so much and I find I have more energy and that I am losing weight slowly. 

Im getting myself into a good routine eating healthily with either porridge or a smoothie for breakfast/lunch (whenever I wake up) then I’m not usually hungry till around 6/7 for my evening meal! I am also slowly changing my portions of meals and having a slightly bigger breakfast/lunch and a smaller dinner. 

Look out for my next Being Healthy Post for how I am incorporating my 5 a day into my routine!


3 thoughts on “Being Healthy

  1. I need to be healthier too, this is a good reminder. I don’t like smoothies but fruit on its own is fine (though my favorites tend to be tropical and therefore expensive, like pineapple, papaya, mango). Salads though, I love those!


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