Eyeliner #1

1. This to me is a classic look as well as using the cat eye flick.


2. This look is just a simple double lid.


3. This look is just simple and smooth, with a thin layer across the eye-lid.11208733_10202876740198285_1412873657_n

4. This look is Egyptian inspired with a full cat eye joining with the bottom line with an extra flick.


5. This is more of a pin up look, a basic thin line with a slight flick.Ā 11198896_10202876740238286_1181247210_n

6. The cat eye,


7. This is a slightly bolder look with a thicker line but with less of a flick.


8. This look is all about the drama! Covering the whole eyelid completed with a flick, joining the under-eye liner.


Here is a better guide to some looks, what is your favourite?



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