Being Healthy #2

So, In my last post I mentioned that I found it hard to eat a variety of healthy foods regularly without getting bored of them. 

I have actually started to use a blender and adding different fruits/salad things to make a lovely healthy concoction. 

I start off with my fruit chopping it up into chunks, and putting it in the blender adding some milk and a scoop or two of ice cream! I know this isnt the healthiest way of having your 5 a day but Im slowly using less ice cream and my body is slowly getting used to the taste of fruit. Because its a mix of different fruits (or just one if you prefer) you get different tastes and sometimes a mix of both and to be honest sometimes it doesn’t even taste of anything. 

I am experimenting with portions and types of fruit and you can too! It has showed me that although I am still getting my daily fats from the ice cream I am still being healthy by getting my 5 a day. Its all about balancing meals out with a good portion of each category. 

Do you do this too? What is your favourite flavour?


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