Milkshake #1

This is my version of being healthy, yes it contains ice cream but its not much and I still need my fats too! 

I added about 6 medium sized strawberries, two handfuls of blueberries, half a banana and two handfuls of grapes (mixture of green and red). 

I didn’t eat strawberries because the taste was too strong, I had never tried blueberries, I liked bananas and grapes so I mixed things I did and didn’t like to get used the the other ones and you can’t really taste any one particular fruit anyway. 

It is a lovely pink colour and it tastes so good, very refreshing and a good boost of energy. You can experiment with amounts of each fruit for one to be stronger to dominate the taste or mix things up a little. 

This is also a great way to get children to eat their fruit and get their 5 a day, it is more fun and creative and refreshing and great for the summer time too!



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