Shop Miss A Haul!

So part of my haul arrived and I can’t wait to tell you more about it, I am so excited to trying all of this stuff out!


Is there anything you would like me to review on first?

There is plenty of make-up; eye shadows, blush, primer, concealer, nail varnish, lip pencil, brushes,Β 

Tonnes of nail stuff, six nail polishes, nail stickers, nail art, nail polish remover wipes,Β 

Help me!



11 thoughts on “Shop Miss A Haul!

  1. oooh, fun haul! I see what looks like nail appliques? the stickers for the full nail? I attempted those once, and did it wrong I guess, it did not work out lol. so I’d be curious to read about you trying them, and hopefully having some helpful tips!


    1. I would love to have a go for you, but Im not sure where to start either as there are no instructions or guide as to how to apply them πŸ˜› could you also tell me where they are in the picture I got too much nail stuff to know which ones you mean! aha, thank you!

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      1. ok yes, looks like some are nail stickers (I’ve used those and they are fun and easier!). I think what I noticed was the bottom right side, by Kleancolor. the package is green color at the top. then the things above those, I’m not sure its hard to tell if they are also for the full nail like a nail applique or just a decoration sticker?


        1. well I will see how mine go and update you on it! Im also worried about the ones in the top right, they are also stickers but are much larger and again im unsure how to apply them, any help will be appreciated πŸ™‚

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        2. do let us know how it goes. maybe google around for some tutorials. sometimes people put that type of thing on youtube but also in blogs. I can’t help obviously (I never tried to use the things again)


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