Shop Miss A

So here is how my parcel arrived, boxed nicely with my receipt on the inside. And wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap is my lovely items! Eeeeeek! As you can see there is a layer of tissue paper with the shop logo on aswell.

11165987_10202893425095397_245398877_n 11216292_10202889751523560_1774126420_n


Tah Dah!

Once everything was unravelled and revealed I laid it all out to see what I had. The 6 nail polishes were also wrapped securely to make sure they didn’t break or damage anything else which is great.

My first impressions of most of the stuff is good. It was all well packaged and nothing is broken to say it has travelled from Texas to the UK in 16 days, It felt much longer though!

Overall, I am quite impressed from what I have seen, I will do individual reviews and let you know the quality of the products over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you want a review on something specific just let me know and I will do!


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