Kleancolour ‘Peppermint Breeze’

From my haul with Shop Miss A I bought some nail varnishes, some of the ones they offered were scented ones so I thought I would get a couple to see how good they were. 

Now I have to say before I talk about the scent, I have a really bad sense of smell. 

But, when applying the nail varnish which is fairly thick so you have to be careful as to how much you use and it also dries quickly too the scent was there but only light and then sort of non-existent, Im not sure if this is down to my lack of smell or just that it doesn’t last long. The colour is lovely though and for a dollar it is pretty good.



2 thoughts on “Kleancolour ‘Peppermint Breeze’

    1. It is, it reminds me of the Rita Ora- Port-a-loo Blue.
      I have never tried scented nail polishes before, and I am still apprehensive about it! it had a scent when I opened it for the first time, but I can’t smell it now…

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