Todays Look

So today I started my routine off with Elf’s concealer stick just under my eyes to get rid of those dark circles and blemishes,

I then put on some Beauty UK’s face powder applied with a brush to my whole face, but lightly.

I then put on some of Elf’s eyelid primer in ‘sheer’ on my eyelids and blended in with my finger.

Next I put on my Claire’s eyeliner with a angled edge on, this was so easy to apply and I had little touching up to do afterwards.

I applied my tangerine blush when smiling on the apples of my cheeks and brushed it back towards my ears to make it look even and natural.

I also applied a slightly darker blush in ‘coral’ to highlight the pinkness of my cheeks directly underneath the tangerine blush in a line, this also helps contour the face.

I thought my eyebrows looked a bit messy and plain so I used this eyebrow pencil I was given in a set as a gift so I have no idea where its from, to darken them slightly and tidy up.

Lastly I applied my mascara by W7, I love this and the brush is amazing and doesn’t clump or look fake. 

And here is my look, paired with a messy bun up-do due to windy weather and laziness!



6 thoughts on “Todays Look

        1. yeah, im just trying to find the right ones to use, i usually use my fingers but I feel like I need a brush for blusher and the crease for eye make up! But yes fingers are great and cheaper of course

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