Giovi Make-Up

This is also from my Shop Miss A haul and although looking like it is for young girls, in a magazine, cheap make up sort of thing, I was curious, they had two other types in different colours as-well. 

I was a bit unsure of this and like some of the other reviews I have done already the packaging is a little big and chunky and unnecessary. However, I love the colours and the ombre style of different shades from white blue and black.

I applied the colours in order, and although some are fairly light they are easy to use and still look great, if you are going for a bolder look you can apply on a white eyeshadow base, or use these colours as a foundation to apply other eyeshadows.

11259019_10202902058591229_1915545580_n 11215983_10202902058751233_752111221_n


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