Nail guides

I bought some of these nail guides, they had a lovely selection on Shop Miss A and im sure I have seen them around in other shops too. These ones are sticky and you apply it to the nail and then paint over it and take off the guide to reveal a lovely design.

These ones are chevrons, and part of me wants to use each one as many times as possible rather than once to save money, but I have quite a few so in total I used five, and did one hand at a time re-using the same guides.

I didn’t apply a base coat, I usually do but I was only planning to experiment with a couple and ended up doing them all. So, do a base coat and wait for it to dry before applying the guide wherever you want it, and then paint over them, I used Technic’s fast dry in Red to create a nice contrast about 2/3rd of the way up my nail. My nails are currently all at different lengths so I am waiting for some to grow out more to reshape them. After waiting a minute or two for them to dry I peeled them off in a zig-zig motion to follow the shape so it would pull off the nail varnish as well. I waited a little longer and then applied a top coat, on some nails you can see where it has smudged a little but it doesn’t bother me too much..

I did end up pulling off some nail varnish with a guide so I used a very steady hand and re-did it, you can also apply another guide and do it again.

Overall I really like this look and with a bit more practice and experimenting with other colours I think it will be great, you can get really creative, having two parts different colours or with several chevrons across etc. I look forward to using these more, I’m glad I bought plenty!

 11225783_10202913336753176_1839945412_n11216051_10202913336793177_1395856721_n 11225904_10202913336713175_1831537966_n


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