This Months GlossyBox

I decided to order my first Glossybox and I am very happy with the products I received, I like the element of surprise, but this can be a problem when you don’t use certain products. 

I received MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand; This a lovely blue colour and a big trend over this time of year. This has two blue tones and I look forward to using this! I have never tried MeMeMe products so let me know what you think of them!

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel; This also comes as a full sized product and helps skin when in need of some TLC according to Glossybox, it is a cooling gel and hydrates the skin by delivering moisture deep below the surface. This usually costs £15.93 and is not something I would usually buy so I am excited to try this. 

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam; I do use some dry shampoo but not often, to just give my hair an extra boost of volume and look cleaner. This is infused with a delicate apple scent. Im always open to try new brands and see which is better so I will have to wait until my hair is in need of a lift to try this out. 

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate; This is the perfect treat for your skin post-shave or wax apparently. It soothes skin and reduces hair growth and ex-foliates the skin. This is not a product I would usually pick up but Im sure I could get used to using this depending how my skin reacts. Has anyone used this or similar products before?

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara; The brush is in the shape of an hourglass and comes as a full size product. It would usually cost £6.99. I usually buy cheap mascara as I don’t find that more expensive ones are massively better for me, but I will give this a go and see how it is. 

What did you get in this months GlossyBox, anything different? Or is there something here you would like to try?


10 thoughts on “This Months GlossyBox

  1. After reading this this makes me really wish I ordered one. I always want to try things that are apple scented so the Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam sounds really nice! Please let me know how you like it!


    1. Definitely, this was my first one and I paid £11.25 for this. I only wanted the one month subscription because I didn’t know what the products/service etc would be like. I am so impressed, overall the three full sized products I got are worth; £29.87 and the other two at full size cost; £19.95 but i received these as sample sizes. So that is still really good! but as I said you may not get products you would use or even like. Try one month and see how it goes from there.


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