Smart decisions you won’t regret

1. Eat away the blues; comfort food doesn’t have to be stodgy, try a food you had in your childhood or get a recipe from your mum or nan. 

2. Suck a mint; This can improve concentration and willpower during a task, just don’t munch on them one after another like I do. 

3. Don’t dwell on the past or anything negative; You can’t change it now, its the past, just move on and learn from it. 

4. Get rid of all the change in your bag; I hate having so much copper or other coins everywhere, chuck them in a jar to save for something. 

5. Do something for someone else; send a card or help someone achieve something, do something positive. 

6. Get rid of things you don’t need; Im always clearing things out, things I don’t need or use. My thought process is 1. Do I use it? 2. Do I need it? 3. bin or give it to someone who can use it even if its charity. 

7. Saying no; do this to things you genuinely don’t want to do and be spontaneous with other things, making last minute plans with friends or something. 

8. Make use of travelling/commuting; read a book or learn something new on the way, we have so much time on our hands when travelling (unless you’re driving) it just gets wasted on random thoughts. Admire the countryside or even the rain, because it could be worse, you could be in it. 

9. Forgive and forget; now everyone has heard of this and sometimes we find it hard to let things go. Be the bigger person and apologise and make it work to get back to how you were before the event, you might feel better and time is precious, use it wisely. 

10. About to freak out? Count to 10; I do this and just concentrate on my breathing, I start the complicated or frustrating task again or look at it from a different perspective. 

11. Tackle the hard tasks as soon as you can; it will help you focus on the easier less stressful ones and you will feel better and less irritated. 

12. Make friends with someone you wouldn’t usually; maybe a bit of an age gap or a pen pal, it can be hugely rewarding talking to someone you don’t really know about your own experiences and events, it can help you be grateful and realise what you have is amazing too. 

13. Pet away stressful situations; owning a pet can have several health benefits and help overcome feelings of loneliness, if you can’t have your own ask a neighbour or friend to walk their dog or something! 

14. Stop complaining; I know some days some people can’t go without a good rant, I feel the same some times, But I also appreciate what I do have and am so grateful, things could be worse. Tackle problems head on and they will be resolved quicker.


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