Sunday 17th

So for my parents anniversary on the 16th May, I gave them some money so we could all go out for a lovely meal. We decided that we would all have an Indian and Chinese takeaway on Saturday due to other plans and we would go out on Sunday, my mums birthday for a meal instead. 

I decided to curl my hair as I felt I had sort of neglected it for a long time and to be honest I was pretty bored and I like it when it is curly. 

11119072_10202951480746752_1713417965_n 11311716_10202951480786753_2023031370_n

I used;

– Beauty UK’s face powder No.1 review here

– Elf’s concealer in Spotlight

– Elf’s eye primer in Sheer

– Ms Chick blush in tangerine review here

– A light brown eyebrow pencil that was at the bottom of my drawer

– Claire’s eyeliner with an angled end review here

– W7 mascara


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