The Contraceptive Pill

I don’t know if you have heard but because my audience is mostly female I thought I should make you all aware of the recent controversy the pill has brought about. 

There has been a major case recently of the pill; Rigevidon, causing strokes, breathlessness and blood clots leading to death. 

This one is from the last couple of days;

This one from last year;

This one from 2012;

You must remember if you experience any side effects whatsoever you must discuss them with your doctor, and see if you can change medication if the problems persist. Or change to another form of contraception if that is your reason for using the pill.

It seems to just be the pill Rigevidon causing these rare side effects, there are plenty of other types of pill the doctors can offer, and if you have any queries or hesitations, be open with them about your concerns. They will understand and give you the best advice. 

If you are on this medication and have been for a while, I wouldn’t worry too much about these side effects as they seem to occur very early in the course of taking it. But be aware that they could occur and if you notice anything then go to your GP immediately. 

I have been on the pill for several years to regulate my periods also, and I was first put on Rigevidon, unfortunately I suffered with sickness and some other side effects of which I can not remember but I had to change and tried something different, one that worked for me. 

I have had no issues or anything with being on the pill, my doctors have been helpful providing the best advice and support and changing medication if need be. So, please be aware that these stories do occur but remember that they are also extremely rare, but do take caution and again. discuss with your doctor if you have any concerns. 

Take care of yourselves! Always read the leaflets in medication boxes!


10 thoughts on “The Contraceptive Pill

  1. It says on most pamphlets that if pains in the legs occur to stop using immediately , they are known to create clots in the body , I think its important to read your pamphlets , they’re not there for fun , they really do contain all the information you need when taking them. I’m on the mini pill Cerazete and I haven’t had any of these symptoms thank god but I know if I did I would book a meeting with your doctor and tell them. it’s better in the long run


    1. I completely agree, I always read the little leaflets that come in medication boxes. I like knowing what could potentially happen and be aware of things and notice them if they do occur. I experienced horrible side effects with Rigevidon and Im glad I am no longer on it.

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        1. I completely agree, I have been on the pill since I was 15 after I ended up having surgery on my ovaries, I was recommended to take it. I still don’t have regular ones now,
          What exactly is the difference?


        2. in the mini pill and combination? the mini pill only has progesterone and the combination has progesterone and Oestrogen , people who tend to have a history of clots in their family and tend to have headaches and migraines are told to go on the mini pill , the mini pill stops your period completely but I still get it the odd time maybe once every 4 months? and don’t have a break week , some mini pills have a 3 hour window to take it in otherwise they’re unprotected , but cerazette is the only mini pill that allows for the 12 hour window. 🙂 hopefully that helped a little 🙂 xx


        3. Oh okay we just call it the pop here, the progesterone only pill, aha. Thanks though!
          I am on the one without a break and I have periods once every three months ish, but they last 7-12 days.
          Your one sounds so fancy! 😛


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