Concealer Tips and Tricks

Apply foundation and moisturiser first, It is important to use a moisturiser when using concealer as it will last longer. 

When applying concealer under the eye, use a downward triangular motion rather than a half moon shape, it conceals dark circles and instantly creates the illusion of lifting the face. 

Concealer can also be used as an eye shadow primer, so apply some on the lid right up to the brow for more definition. 

When concealing a blemish, use green concealer before a normal skin tone concealer. The green will cancel out the redness and then the skin tone one will help it blend in. 

You can use concealer around the lips, to prevent and lip products from running. You can also use it on the lips to create the illusion of more plump lips, by adding some onto the middle of both lips and blending in, you can add a gloss or a nude lipstick to finish. 


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