My hair has always been very thick and hard to look after, I can never decide if I want to get it cut really short or grow it out again. My hair used to be so long and light blonde until one day I asked the hairdresser to give me shoulder length hair, she was horrified but did it anyway. 

I regret it so much, my hair doesn’t grow fast at all and I don’t get it cut too often but I try my best to look after it and not use too much heat on it. My hair is getting darker (except my fringe that is always much lighter than the rest) and I dislike it, a few months ago I dyed it brown to see how I would look, and its safe to say I wasn’t a fan. 

Recently my fringe has been bothering me more than usual and since I am at uni and away from my lovely hairdresser, I decided to cut my fringe back in myself, its not the first time I have done it, but I am getting surprisingly better! I really like having a fringe but some days my cows lick really disagrees with me about it. 

When I go home soon I will get the rest of it trimmed as I am not brave enough to do that myself aha. 

but here is the end result, I was so happy so excuse the face.



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