Tips on Shorts

If you are wearing short shorts, choose a long loose top!

Bermuda’s are ideal summer office wear, they look smart and aren’t too warm, but if you are petite like me then maybe give these a miss. You can always turn them up a couple of times for a more casual look. 

Dark wash denim slims the hips!

You have to make sure you choose the right top when wearing shorts, if you decide on longer shorts such as bermuda’s they work best with a fitted top that stop at, or just above your hips. And for shorter styles like cut-off’s consider long loose tops. 

Keep things simple, denim cut off’s in a dark wash with a light top and shoes that match your skin tone create a slimming effect. It draws the eye upwards, add a pop of colour with some accessories.

Know what is good for your shape, If you have slimmer legs try a cuffed mid thigh length with low heels or flats. If you have larger thighs, choose a wide cut with some wedges. 

The shoes you choose matters, darker shoes can shorten the legs and skin toned colours can elongate them. 



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