SASS Perfect Skin Concentrate

I received this in my Glossybox and I was very unsure of it when I first read what it was. It helps prevent ingrown hairs, reduce hair re-growth and soothe skin post wax/shave. 

It comes in such a lovely little box, and I like the use of a pump rather than a pot. It comes as a 30ml bottle but the full size 100ml bottle would be £12 at Boots. And they offer a range of different skin products too from £7 ish. 

It isn’t a product I would usually pick up or ask for, but I went in with an open mind and gave it ago. I have used it over several weeks now and I use it after I shower every other day, so about 6 times so far. It says to pump twice and massage into the shaved area. It has lasted me a little while and I probably use it a bit too often but there is still some use left, I would say this bottle would probably do a month, being used conservatively and about 3 times per week. I have noticed a small difference in my hair growth but nothing drastic, but my skin is lovely and smooth and moisturised which is lovely. 

I wouldn’t buy it myself as it’s not something I need or want to make my routine longer, but I would recommend the smaller bottle for a trial and if it works buy the larger one which should last three months, which isn’t bad at all for £12!


Have you used this? What did you think? Would you like to try this?


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