Love/Hate Tag


Today I am doing the love & hate tag I was nominated by Sophie, her blog is here

I’m going to share with you 10 things I love and 10 that I hate/dislike.  I will then nominate some blogs that I like to do the same if they’d like to 😀

10 things I love 

1. My family – As much as they annoy me and we argue, I do love them and they are always there for me. 

2. My boyfriend – I have been with him for over two years, we have had our fair share of ups and downs and have been through a lot together, he is my best friend and knows me better than I do.

3. Blogging – Of course I love blogging, its something I enjoy and fills my spare time. 

4. Music – I love music and have a varied taste, I listen to a bit of everything and I don’t go a day without listening to some.

5. Jasmine Green Tea – I love the taste of green tea and its healthy too!

6. Toothless – He is my favourite character and my boyfriend even bought me a teddy of him!

7. Thoughtful people– a little gesture or when someone really takes notice and picks up hints

8. Bunny rabbits– When I was younger we had 3 rabbits and we found out they were different sexes the hard way and ended up with 40 in total, I love them and want a house trained bunny but living in halls and private housing makes it impossible to have one. 😦

9. Feeling good – Whether it is appreciating the smaller things in life, like listening to the birds sing and feeling the sun on my skin, or a kind gesture or compliment, confidence also makes me happy too, when I can go out and not care if someone is looking at me.

10. Nail polish – I am obsessed with my nails, I have been for years and I love painting them and treating myself and buying new polish etc

10 things I hate 

1. Hypocrites – Now I cannot stand hypocrites, if you say something stick to it. 

2. Rudeness – When someone is just plain rude, barging past, or not stopping at a zebra crossing, no manners etc 

3. Mean people – I understand and appreciate everybody has their own opinions and they are entitled to them, but sometimes keeping them to yourself is better, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. 

4. Liars – Just be honest, don’t lie, we all find out the truth in the end.

5. Peas – Yes, those little green things that roll around on the plate. No thank you.

6. Mess – I can’t stand mess, I am so organised and know where everything is and where it belongs. Everything is in order and I like it that way, mess makes me unhappy and feel careless of my things.

7. Needles – Although I have quite a few piercings and tattoos, I hate having my blood taken or injections, I literally faint or vomit or both. 

8. Loud in-your-face people – Now I don’t mind outgoing bubbly people, and I have a few loud friends, but I really dislike it when people are just loud for no reason. 

9. Clowns – I am absolutely terrified of clowns, I hate them so much.

10. Sleeping with socks on – I never do it, even on the coldest winter night, nope, I will have a pair of shorts on and a vest top, with my window open. 😛

I don’t know who to nominate, so if you want to do this tag, feel free to! 


7 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. that is so true about bunnies! I worked at a place (in the past) where part of my job was caring for some animals (including some bunnies). I knew which were male/female. One staff person was not aware or just ignorant so let the boys out with the girls (we would let them romp outside in this garden/patio there). So boom, babies soon after! They were adorable and we did find homes for them. Rats are also the same way (had pets as a kid, pet store did not separate them, so the two we got were pregnant in the store so baby rats soon after that!). We found homes for some of the baby rats (and kept some too). Also I nominated you for the blog tour award. my post on that is here:

    I also dislike most peas (canned, frozen, cooked are all not my thing). I like the fresh type of peas that you shell though as long as they are raw (they taste better if you grow them yourself though).


      1. well maybe someday, later, you will live somewhere where pets are allowed. though I’ve had pets when not supposed to. Had a landlady get all annoyed when she saw my pet rat! I’ve also had cats when not supposed to, but no one found out about those. though here, technically you can get any pet and have your doctor give a note or something saying its a “service animal” for any reason (like emotional support for instance) and then landlords have to let you have the pet I think. I don’t know though as they might just try to evict you if you did that in some places around here. more apartments here allow small animals and cats. finding a rental place that allows dogs is difficult. currently I can have any pet thankfully!


        1. Aw, yeah.. its because I will be privately renting once out of halls of residence at uni. So that kinda sucks but one day I hope I can have one. I have dogs hamsters and degus (they’re my bf’s but I live there too) back home so thats always nice but they arent as cuddly and nice as rabbits!

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        2. oh yeah, I recall the residence halls in college (what we call uni here in the USA), can’t have pets and I never broke the rules on that there! Typically here you only stay in those halls for the first year or two. Then rent or some other type of thing. Had no idea what a degu was so googled! they are so cute! not allowed in my state, but are allowed in many other states here (honestly some people here probably have them anyhow, doubt that rule can truly be enforced for such a small animal). Degus remind me of how chinchillas look (chinchillas are allowed here). Only small animals I’ve had as pets are rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish.


        3. Yeah they are a cross between chinchillas and rats.
          Yeah we are only offered housing for the first year and have to ask for second year but its not likely to get a place so private renting is the only thing left to do, so it is pretty expensive, a student loan and maintenance grant doesn’t cover much at all.
          I was looking through other places which were tonnes cheaper but didn’t allow students due to our reputation, but we are not all the party goers and drinkers that they think we are. Heck, I don’t even drink alcohol!
          But hey, thats life I guess..
          I cant stand rats/mice even guinea pigs, Ive had rabbits, fish, hamsters, budgies and dogs.

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