Nail Stickers

I bought these from Shop Miss A and I had no idea how to apply them so I put off using them for ages, I had some time on my hands and thought I would attempt it. I first chose my pattern and then as you can see I cut them up into smaller sections for each nail. I did this by placing each nail on the sticker and cutting approximately where I thought it would be. Each square of stickers just managed to do all ten nails. I then placed it onto my nail pressing down and removing any air bubbles, I then used my thumb-nail to press it around the nail making sure it was stuck on firmly. I then used some scissors to trim the edges, this was difficult especially with my left hand, but I managed to do it and they stuck well. 

So this took me like 2 hours because I was being so careful and taking my time. I went to take a picture of the finished look which was lovely but I had noticed when I washed my hands they had instantly peeled off with the reaction to the water, I was not happy at all. 

11303540_10203004177544139_519148568_n 11287179_10203004177424136_317860322_n 11280615_10203004177584140_1805414917_n


One thought on “Nail Stickers

  1. Hi! You know, i love all kinds of nail design. And when i use this type of nail stickers i apply the finish top after all. So i can wear it for 2 weeks.
    And if i use Shellac you may paste this stickers before the finish top!


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