Eco friendly beauty, Ban the Bead

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Personally I think its really important to try and look after our planet, we’ve done it a lot of damage over the last hundred or so years and if we don’t change our actions soon, the damage will be irreparable. A movement thats gained a lot of attention recently, and one that I feel very strongly about is called ban the bead. Most manual exfoliators for face and body, work by using small granules in a soap or oil solution, we rub this on out skin to exfoliates it and then wash it dow the drain – simple. The problem is that these bead or granules are mainly made of plastic, these tiny pieces of plastic get washed down our drains, and they’re too small to be removed at sewage treatment plants and so they get washed into our oceans and lakes.

Have you heard of the Great Pacific garbage…

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