I recently posted my not-so-healthy-milkshake with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate sauce. This one will be with honey. 

I made this one for my boyfriend and I had a little try! It was lovely, something different. I used two scoops of ice cream, some milk, about 4 crushed cookies, and two small spoons of honey all in the blender together, I also added some honey around the glass too. It wasn’t too overwhelming and the balance was nice between the cookies and honey, my guessing with amounts is pretty good! 

You can add pretty much anything to them just use the two basics; a splash of milk and ice cream. You could also use ice, but I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t really guide you on that. 

These make lovely treats and good desserts or alternatively a healthy sweeter way to have your 5-a-day like I have shown you before. They are great for the summer and are so refreshing and great for kids and those big kids too!



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