Taking Care of Your Nails

As much as I love painting my nails and having them looking pretty, I also allow my nails to have some time off, and ‘breathe’ as it were. I love having natural nails too, I naturally have very strong and long nails. I usually leave them every couple of weeks to grow out and don’t even apply any natural polish or a clear coat. 

I look after my nails by;

Applying hand cream/moisturiser regularly

I don’t get a lot of calcium so I don’t know if diet effects nail care or if I am just lucky to have good white natural nails

Regularly trimming them, I know my limits as to when they are too long, about 2/3 times a week I will use my nail clippers and trim them down and then use a nail file to curve the edges slightly as I hate catching or breaking them on the corner. This will also help to have all the nails at a similar length. I usually do this after the shower because this is when the nails are thinner due to being wet

About 4 times a week, I use a nail cuticle pusher tool, not for my cuticles though, I use the pointy end to go under my nails and get all the dirt out, doing this often will help them become whiter due to the amount of oxygen to them

I usually keep an eye on how long my thumb-nails, and index fingers, because I find these are usually the first to break. If I see they are becoming too long or misshapen I give them a trim and file the edges. 

You can use special nail creams or remedies to help them grow, or even add things to your diet, such as vitamins. I don’t personally do this but I know people who do that have nails that take forever to grow. 



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