Clinique 3 Step System

If you don’t know what Clinique’s three step system is here is a quick run down; It consists of a liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion and a moisturiser. They have it ranging from 1-4 for each skin type. I was a 3 but she recommended I try 2 and see how I get on with that, and how my skin balances out and reacts.

This is vital in having healthy skin, and I love looking after mine, I don’t like to use too much product on my face because of the fear it will damage my skin. It is also better to have clean fresh, healthy skin when applying make up, it goes on better, lasts longer and looks clean.

I had a lovely girl called Becky coincidence?Β take me through their process and tested it out my skin, I was so happy with the results and I felt amazingly rejuvenated and fresh. It is a good base for applying make up too.

I bought the starter pack with all three steps, its like a sample pack with a smaller version of each product in. This costs Β£20, it seems a lot but it is three products and they last a couple of months. It pays to look after your skin!

After using this for nearly a week, my skin is lovely and soft and I can see and feel a change. I will definitely be spending more on the larger products which are expensive but so worth it in my opinion. You can use both morning and evening, but I use my Garnier Micellar Water to remove make up and then apply these. It has cleared up both my dry patches and oily patches and my blemishes are not as noticeable.

I am so happy with these, but the price is a lot especially for a student!


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