Nail Polish Remover

I love a good nail polish remover especially for a good price, because I paint my nails so often I need to keep a good amount of remover left to constantly fund my obsession. 

I did make a post about a nail polish remover twist pot here, but I do like having a liquid remover too. 

I use this as I am painting my nails, I pour some out into the lid and have some cotton buds too, I dip them into the remover and run them around my nails and under the tip of my nail to pick up any nail polish that I don’t want there. And also use them with cotton pads/balls to remove all polish off of the nail.

The one I buy is £2.10 from Asda and is called ‘strengthening polish remover’ by Sally Hansen. At 200ml a bottle, for me, a nail polish addict, it lasts months so I find myself rarely buying it. But it does an amazing job and you don’t have to use tonnes to get it all off. 


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