Lush Tender In The Night Massage Bar

I bought this a few weeks ago and I bought it for £6.50 which is a bit expensive for only 60grams. The bar is lovely and has a little pink flower. It has a light scent which is great for me. You can use this just when massaging with the lovely aroma and an amazing feeling. I personally use this just on my legs in the bath as I feel like it works best there. I’m very ticklish so massages aren’t really my thing. But I love this bar, I dip it in the bath water and rub it lightly onto my skin. I then rub it in and leave it to sink in to my skin for a minute and then shave my legs. Although this leaves some residue on the razor it can easily be removed my shaking the razor in bath water and continue shaving. It leaves the skin smooth, moisturised and soft. I’ve found that I can also go a day or two longer without shaving and that my skin is still lovely and soft days later. Especially in the sun with having my legs out more, I feel more comfortable and confident that they look and feel good. 

I have used the bar several times and its slowly getting thinner, and it makes me sad. I don’t know if its worth £6.50 but I do love it. 


4 thoughts on “Lush Tender In The Night Massage Bar

        1. Oh really? That sucks, I have heard some amazing things about their stuff, I do own some but I just haven’t used it. I will have to try it. Lets hope I am not allergic too!


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