Cosmo’s Party Gift

At the event everyone received a good bag at the end of the evening worth over £35. It included some mini Bailey’s chocolate drinks, a bottle of drink, Choco Lait lipbalm a chalkboard and chalk, a bag of popcorn, some instant tan from Rimmel, Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray, Nip & Fab cream, Invisibobbles, Soft and Gentle Spray, a sample of perfectly peachy.

I’m not a fan of Bailey’s so I gave them to my boyfriends mum, the drink I gave to my boyfriend, the popcorn I ate, which was lovely.

The other gifts are lovely, not that the others aren’t, they just were small things I guess. I am looking forward to trying out the instant tan and the Sea Salt Spray, because I don’t usually use these types of products. When at the Rimmel station, during the event, I was given a voucher for half price on any of the ‘Sun Shimmer Tan’ products from Rimmel, so I bought mine from Superdrug today and around £3.50 or something.

I love the invisibobbles, I had been trying to find some but only found red ones in Primark, I wanted some clear ones so I didn’t bother buying any. And surprise, I got some and they are amazing they don’t leave kinks in the hair, and they don’t feel too tight in the hair and are obviously elasticated so they can be twisted several times, or less for thick hair.



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