The Right Size For You

Apparently the majority of women do not wear the right size bra. There is some sort of distorted view of the size of breasts too, which I am trying to make more people aware of. 

The right way to measure yourself is to;

1. measure under the breast around the band, make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. for example 29′

2. measure around the fullest part of the breast. for example 37′

3. If the band number is odd add 5′, if even add 4′. 

So we now have 34′ and 37′; 

So your band size would be 34′ and here is how you figure out the cup size;

picture-1So this would be 34C.

HhwoarqThis picture is just an example of the size of breasts, everyone is unique and has their own body shape and therefore your size is unique too. The top picture shows that the more the band size increases although the volume is the same the size increases. 

You should get measured regularly if you are still growing or there is any change in weight. It is so important to wear the right size bra, to have the right support and give you the right shape. 


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