n spa

Now I don’t post many bath products that I use. But I really thought that this deserved a well earned place on my blog. I love it so much. The one I have and will continue to buy is the Honey Shower and Bath Gel. With natural vitamins for your skin. 

For a 500ml bottle this lasts for ages, you can put some in the bath to create some lovely bubbles, or lather it on in the shower. It is so soft and nourishing on the skin, and it also makes shaving so much easier. I apply this all over and lather it in well, it is so amazing, and then leave it to settle for a minute or two and then rinse off in the bath or shower and then wait a minute to shave. It makes the razor glide over the skin not pulling or missing and hairs. I will definitely be buying more and it lasts so long too, they offer a range of products in ASDA, where I bought mine. They are on offer a lot at 3 for 2, which is even better, they make amazing gifts too, I bought my mum a Shea Butter one and she loves it. 


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