Hair Care

I don’t really post much about hair products, but I thought I would include this as to me, it is so good. I recently purchased VO5 Nourish My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, and have changed how I look after and wash my hair..At 2 for £4 this isn’t too expensive but I try and buy it when it is on offer and use the same type/brand for a while. 

Although I have really long and thick hair I was told to use less Shampoo than I previously applied, I used to use a fair amount, now I use less and just apply to the roots of my hair and the top few inches, yes, it will go down the rest of the hair, but you only need to clean the roots due to oil and grease. 

I then rinse out and apply conditioner, I use more conditioner than shampoo due to the length and thickness of my hair, I apply it from about three inches from the roots to the tips. 

Since using this about 3/4 times a week for about a month, I have noticed my hair is so much healthier, cleaner and I can go up to three days without washing my hair now due to changing how I wash it and the amount of product I use. Before, I used to wash my hair every other day and like before, I still don’t use too much product in it such as hairspray. I also very rarely use heat on my hair (straightening/curling) I just use my hair-dryer on a medium heat after towel drying my hair after showering. 

I would definitely recommend and re-purchase when on offer (because I like a bargain)!

Do you use VO5? What do you think of the brand? 


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