I received this Lord and Berry Shining Lipstick in Mandarin, a lovely orangey colour, in my Love Me Beauty Box a little while ago. 

From Lord and Berry and asos, these sell at around £10 each, which for a 3.5g lipstick, in my eyes it it not worth it. They look like they have a twisty end for more product to come out but they don’t move or do anything. So I am a little disappointed with these. I have not used any other Lord and Berry products, so if there is anything that are amazing from them let me know and I might have a go at some more things from them. 

This colour looks more of a nude shade than orange but it is quite nice. On the lip it feels nice and smooth and moisturising which is good. I wouldn’t buy but I am open to try more of their products. I like these but I think there are better brands for lip crayons. 

11657562_10203173384654211_808756788_n Snapshot_20150702_7


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8 thoughts on “LORD & BERRY

  1. And may i ask you something? I’m new in blogging so i’m trying to make my blog beautiful. How did you make this pages on the top: “home”, “Beauty”, “Photography”, etc. I mean i can create the page, but this link is not moving me in the correct category, its just.. white page 😦


    1. When you write your post on the left hand side is tags and categories make sure you add the right word in category and it should appear in the corresponding page! Hope that helps 🙂


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